Parrot Mki9200


Parrot Software Update  v.

The Parrot Software Update Tool software enables you to easily update your Parrot product. The update software procedure depends on your Parrot product. Parrot Software Update -Check the latest available versions.

Blood Parrot Wallpaper  v.1.1

Blood Parrot Wallpaper is freeware that animates your desktop wallpaper with a realistic-looking blood parrot fish.


Purple Parrot Font Viewer  v.

Purple Parrot Font Viewer provides information about the screen and printer fonts installed on your computer.

Purple Parrot Budget Manager  v.2 3

Purple Parrot Personal Budget Manager helps you gain better control and understanding of your finances.

Thirsty Parrot Remixed  v.1.0

This pesky parrot is thirsty and you need to help cure his thirst for fruit juice! Switch fruits and make sets of three or more to squeeze juice for the parrot.

Parrot  v.1 5

A smart and cute parrot-like screen saver. It sings on start up and talks while your screen goes to wait. This funny toy comes with modern technology.

Australian parrot puzzle  v.1.0

play and take challenge to complete with a fun australian parrot puzzle

EST Parrot Puzzle  v.1.0

Play an exciting and challenging parrot puzzle.

Talking Parrot  v.

If you like the talking parrot toy, you will love this fun game. With the Talking Polly the Parrot WP7 app, whether you spend time with family or hang out with friends, you will always have a fun time.

Tropical Rain Forest  v.1.0

The Tropical Rainforest features jungle scene from the rainforest with Red-Banded Jezebel butterflies, Sun Conure, Yellow-Faced Parrot, Black-throated Hummingbird, Australian-Painted.

Shareware Expire

Purple Parrot SharewareExpire ActiveX Control, when placed on a form, will allow you to inform users of your shareware policies and prevent them from using the form/control after a period of time defined by you. One of the main options provided with this

Budget Manager

Purple Parrot Personal Budget Manager helps you gain better control and understanding of your finances. In addition to providing a method of organizing and tracking financial activity, the program will save you time by performing functions such as

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